John Leo Weber - Digital Marketing Expert & Author

I’m a Director of search engine marketing in Austin TX.  I craft the SEO campaigns of over 50 companies, I speak at digital marketing events, and I write for a variety of marketing publications across the web. I’m a Google Certified Adwords Partner, a Google Analytics Certified Individual, a Certified Bing Ads Professional, and a Link Research Tools Associate.

Get in touch if you’d like to connect — I love to geek out on digital marketing and meet other people who do as well!

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SEO Consulting

I’ve helped hundreds of businesses achieve their SEO and digital marketing goals.  From incubating and launching new companies, to crafting digital campaigns for large corporations, I love working with businesses looking to grow online.

Public Speaking

I enjoy meeting business owners and marketers alike, through sharing my experiences and ideas at conferences, classes, and events.

Content Writing

I’m a published author and writer, but my real passion comes from writing about digital marketing for various websites across the web.  I also do technical copywriting for websites and e-commerce businesses.

Creative Services

I have a background in the arts and have translated that experience into online design skills.  I develop WordPress websites, help companies with branding, and have a unique ability to merge design aesthetics with functional user experience.

The SEO Blog

3 SEO Metrics That You Are Measuring Wrong

3 SEO Metrics That You Are Measuring Wrong
Keyword rankings are at the core of SEO, and have been the long time measure of a successful SEO campaign. While it is still important to track and monitor specific keywords and their rankings, we encourage our clients (and ourselves) to take a broader view of organic visibility to measure success of…
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Google Now Shows Tweets Live in SERPS

Google Now Shows Tweets Live in SERPS
In February, Google and Twitter reached a deal that would make tweets indexable in Google search results. This week, we began to see this integration take shape, as tweets began to show up in certain Google searches on mobile devices. It appears that this month marks the beginning of the Google/Twitter integration in the United States,…
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What’s The Difference Between SEO and SEM?

What's The Difference Between SEO and SEM?
Oftentimes in our industry there are classifications and buzzwords that get loosely thrown about (don’t get me started on the term “inbound marketing”) without any real definitions getting nailed down as fact.  There seems to be some confusion in the search marketing industry about how the different terms for what we do all fit together.  I wanted…